Euro Pallets In Melbourne

Euro pallets, also known as EPAL pallets, are the preferred type of pallet to use to export goods to customers in Europe and other locations that use the EPAL standard.

  • Dimensions (mm)

    1200 x 800

  • Weight (kgs)


  • Approx Load Capacity (kgs)

    upto 1000kg


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    If you’re looking to buy Euro pallets in Melbourne, Smart Pallets has cost-effective reconditioned second-hand Euro pallets for sale for this purpose.

    The European Pallet Association has strict rules in regards to the design and construction of EPAL pallets. Therefore, our used EPAL pallets are specifically built to be exported to European countries and are made to be compliant with all EPAL standards. We follow all European manufacturing guidelines and specifications, including treatment for ISPM 15 compliance, to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination without any issue and without being delayed due to customs or quarantine.


    • 1200 x 800 mm
    • Four-way entry (forklift access from all sides)
    • Heavy-weight EPAL, non-EPAL and light-weight versions available
    • A wide variety of styles and configurations to choose from
    Featured Euro Pallets



    • Official standard pallet of the European Union
    • Recycled and reconditioned pallets are available



    • Boards ranging from 15mm up to 20mm thick
    • Using lightweight EPAL pallets can help to decrease shipping costs

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    If you’ve been looking to buy Euro pallets in Melbourne that are of the highest quality, get in touch with Smart Pallets today. We have superior Euro pallets for sale at our sites in Dandenong, Epping, and Brooklyn to ensure your goods arrive safely in Europe.

    Do You Need Custom Built Pallets?

    We can build custom pallets of any shape and size you need. We have a fast turnaround time and can usually build your order in within two business days.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No. The Epal pallets are branded with the Epal stamp. They are second-hand and do not come with a certificate.

    We can manufacture new pallets and heat treat them for you. These pallets will come with a heat treat certificate.

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    No matter what type of pallet you require, you’ll find it at Smart Pallets. Companies based in Melbourne and regional Victoria wanting further information about our durable, heat treated and affordable pallets can get in touch with us for friendly advice and assistance

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