Standard Pallets In Melbourne

In Australia, the standard pallet size is 1165 x 1165mm. These 1165mm x 1165mm pallets are also known as 2-way pallets, as they allow easy forklift access from the front and back. At Smart Pallets, we can provide the quality standard pallets you need.

  • Dimensions (mm)


  • Weight (kgs)


  • Approx Load Capacity (kgs)

    Light Weight upto 500kg
    Medium Weight upto 1000kg
    Heavy Weight 1000kg +


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    Features include:

    • Choose from recycled standard pallets that we have repaired onsite, or new standard pallets made from sustainably harvested plantation pine or a combination of both
    • Lightweight, medium and heavy weight pallet varieties available
    • Fast delivery
    • Can be custom made as per your specifications

    If you are considering purchasing recycled 1165mm x 1165mm pallets, we can provide you with more information about these products upon request.

    Featured Standard Pallets


    Light-weight standard pallets will cut down your domestic freight costs and air-freight charges, as these pallets cost less to purchase and transport.


    • Recycled options available – 4 bearer & 3 bearer
    • Most common and cost-effective configurations
      • 7 top boards (100 x 12mm) with 3 bottom boards (100 x 12mm) and 3 bearers (either 90 x 35mm or 100 x 38mm)
      • 150mm wide boards

    The above configurations are stock items that we can deliver at short notice.


    Medium-weight standard pallets are less expensive than heavy-duty pallets. This type of pallet can also be used for pallet racking applications.

    Common medium-weight standard pallets include:

    • 7 top boards, 100 x 17mm pine
    • 3 bottom boards, 100 x 17mm pine
    • 3 bearers (either 90 x 35mm pine or 100 x 38mm pine)


    Heavy-weight standard pallets are suitable for many different applications and are made to last for many years. This is the most recommended and safest standard pallet size for moving big loads of heavy items.


    • Bearers range from 90 x 35mm to 100 x 38mm up to 100 x 63mm
    • Board thickness ranges from 20- 25mm
    • The pallets are sold as per the below classifications:
      • 5 bottom board – most appropriate option for pallet racking
      • 4 bottom board – highly recommended heavy weight standard pallet
      • 3 bottom board – cheapest heavyweight standard pallet
    • Please note there are different styles and configurations within each of these classifications

    Get Reconditioned Timber Pallets Today

    Choose Smart Pallets for durable 1165mm x 1165mm pallets at our sites in Dandenong, Epping, and Brooklyn. Enquire today to request more information on our available light, medium and heavy weight standard pallets.

    Do You Need Custom Built Pallets?

    We can build custom pallets of any shape and size you need. We have a fast turnaround time and can usually build your order in within two business days.

    Contact Us Today for New and Used Pallets

    No matter what type of pallet you require, you’ll find it at Smart Pallets. Companies based in Melbourne and regional Victoria wanting further information about our durable, heat treated and affordable pallets can get in touch with us for friendly advice and assistance

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