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Custom Heat Treated Pallets for Sale

Smart Pallets can custom heat-treat your pallets as well as other types of timber packaging products. To ensure your products pass the quarantine process, you must ensure that all timber packaging in your shipment is marked with both the ISPM-15 compliance stamp and the IPPC export stamp. Using our heat treated pallets for export purposes will make it significantly easier for cargo to pass quarantine and be welcomed into international ports in most parts of the world.

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    What Happens During the Heat Treatment Process?

    When heat treating timber pallets, our staff members place them inside a kiln and heat them to a temperature that’s high enough to eradicate any pests inside the timber, but not so high to the point where it’s weakened. Once this has been done, we will stamp these heat treated pallets with both a ISPM-15 compliance stamp and a IPPC export stamp to show the pallets are certified and safe for exporting applications.

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      The Benefits of Using Heat Treated Pallets

      Having your pallets undergo the heat treatment process is beneficial to both the environment and your business’s budget. This eco-friendly process will help to ensure that forests around the world are protected and will not incur damage due to insects and other pests that could potentially be introduced to the ecosystem through untreated pallets.

      Your business operations will also benefit from the heat treatment process too, as it will help to get your products to market much quicker. The longer your cargo sits in quarantine, the more money your business will lose from the goods not being able to make you profit.

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      Get your merchandise moving by buying heat treated pallets for sale from Smart Pallets. Enquire today to discover what we can do for you from our warehouses in Dandenong, Epping and Brooklyn.

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      No matter what type of pallet you require, you’ll find it at Smart Pallets. Companies based in Melbourne and regional Victoria wanting further information about our durable, heat treated and cheap pallets in Melbourne can get in touch with us for friendly advice and assistance.

      Do You Need Custom Built Pallets?

      As trusted pallet suppliers and manufacturers, we can build custom wooden and plastic pallets in Melbourne in any shape or size you need. We have a fast turnaround time and can usually build your order in within two business days.

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