Used Pallets for Sale in Melbourne

Smart Pallets is one of the largest pallet suppliers in Melbourne with state-of-the-art recycling and manufacturing facilities. We have affordable custom-made, reconditioned and recycled second hand pallets for sale that are manufactured or repaired onsite. We use sustainably harvested and recycled timbers.

Our timber waste collection services are available as a stand alone service or in conjunction with your pallet deliveries. To save time and money, we are able to offer more affordable rates to customers that combine pallet deliveries with timber waste collections. Contact us if you want to save time, money and help keep tonnes of waste out of landfill.

Crates And Boxes

Timber Packaging Crates and Boxes in Melbourne Smart Pallets can custom make boxes, cases and crates to meet your needs. We have various wooden crates for sale to meet a wide range of requirements.

Affordable Mixed Pallets

Looking for a cheap, single use pallet? Look no further than our mixed pallets.

Heat Treated Packaging

Smart Pallets can custom heat-treat your pallets and other timber products. Your items will be branded with the IPPC export symbol, ensuring your cargo will be welcomed into

Recycled Timber Products

At Smart Recycling we want to ensure we find a buyer or a use for the timber entering our site. When restoring pallets for example, we check to see if they are made from valuable timber products..

Oversized Pallets

We can custom make oversize pallets to cater for your specific needs. Contact us today for a quote.

Custom Made Pallets

Smart Pallets can manufacture custom-made pallets or other timber packaging products to your specification, from recycled timbers, sustainably harvested pine or a combination of both.

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on being leading pallet suppliers in Melbourne who provide first-rate pallet recycling and manufacturing services for the manufacturing, retail and construction sectors. We provide Melbourne based organisations in these industries with our timber waste and pallet collection service and have both new and used pallets for sale, as well as crates.

We are also available to custom manufacture pallets as per your specific requirements, by using sustainably collected plantation pine, recycled timber, or a combination of both.

Over 2000 organisations have come to us to ensure their services are environmentally friendly and save them money. This is because:

  • Our recycled second hand pallets for sale cost far less than new pallets do
  • The cost of our timber waste collection service is only about half as much as transporting timber waste to a landfill
  • We can minimise your freight costs by back-loading your timber waste as we deliver your order of pallets

Smart Pallets is the best choice for pallet recycling services as well as high-quality second hand pallets for sale. We offer exceptional prices, outstanding customer service and swift delivery on our:

  • Shipping pallets for sale
  • Plastic pallets for sale
  • Used wooden pallets for sale
  • EPAL pallets for sale

Find Used Pallets for Sale Today

If you’ve been wondering “are there any pallet suppliers in Melbourne who have durable pallets for sale near me?” get in touch with Smart Pallets today. We can help you find the used pallets that will best meet your needs. Find Used Pallets for Sale Today

Do You Need Custom Built Pallets?

As trusted pallet suppliers and manufacturers, we can build custom wooden and plastic pallets in Melbourne in any shape or size you need. We have a fast turnaround time and can usually build your order in within two business days.

Contact Us Today for New and Used Pallets

No matter what type of pallet you require, you’ll find it at Smart Pallets. Companies based in Melbourne and regional Victoria wanting further information about our durable, heat treated and cheap pallets in Melbourne can get in touch with us for friendly advice and assistance.

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